Writings Page/Lecture-Recital

I gave a lecture-recital recently at the Royal Academy of Music in London. A lot of people wanted a recording/a text of the talk. I've added a writings page, and uploaded the text to the talk in a handy .pdf file.

Curiously enough, after the talk I had several people come up to me defending Fischer-Dieskau vs. Panzera. As the giver of the talk I'd like to maintain some semblance of neutrality, and assert that I've only used Barthes' comparison with the two singers as a way of teasing out various meanings in my own experience with regards to music. That being said, I'm a huge fanatic of Cortot and Panzera, and I hope that talks like this encourage various other artists to make some creative decisions that they wouldn't normally.

Many wished that I had covered some other topics (criticism, listening, objectivity in interpretation, recordings); unfortunately due to the hour-long time constraints I really only could cover the tip of the iceberg. Maybe I'll write on them later... (I'll let y'all know when the book comes out!)


Greetings! I've launched a new website for 2018! Aside from a sleeker, sexier layout, I've added this blog/news section, where I'll be posting updates from concerts and events, as well as writings on some of my thoughts (for better or for worse).

They say it's better to update more frequently with shorter posts; I'll try to keep up as much as I can. In any case, please enjoy the new website, and stay tuned for updates!