Writings Page/Lecture-Recital

I gave a lecture-recital recently at the Royal Academy of Music in London. A lot of people wanted a recording/a text of the talk. I've added a writings page, and uploaded the text to the talk in a handy .pdf file.

Curiously enough, after the talk I had several people come up to me defending Fischer-Dieskau vs. Panzera. As the giver of the talk I'd like to maintain some semblance of neutrality, and assert that I've only used Barthes' comparison with the two singers as a way of teasing out various meanings in my own experience with regards to music. That being said, I'm a huge fanatic of Cortot and Panzera, and I hope that talks like this encourage various other artists to make some creative decisions that they wouldn't normally.

Many wished that I had covered some other topics (criticism, listening, objectivity in interpretation, recordings); unfortunately due to the hour-long time constraints I really only could cover the tip of the iceberg. Maybe I'll write on them later... (I'll let y'all know when the book comes out!)